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MAID2ORDERCommercial Division

Your present occupants are moving out and you need your office prepared for the new occupants moving in? Allow us to prepare your property for your new clients. We will have your location totally refurbished—floors stripped and shined, carpets cleaned and refreshed, on-point general cleaning! We are Maid2Order!

College campuses, large or small—the school year is complete and the dorms are wrecked! Maid2Order will take care of your turnover preparation for the next group of scholars. Call today for your service estimate and let the cleaning begin! We are Maid2Order!

Need temporary help for work site cleanup? Call Maid2Order's commercial division for your temporary staff. We are Maid2Order!

Specialized Support Services. You have a contractual assignment to fulfill? Need extra hands for a short-term project? Call Maid2Order and we will help you meet your needs and reach your deadline.

Each of our cleaners/janitors and team members is instructed in each task they are to perform and has successfully completed all of the necessary safety training involved. Our company's goal is to professionally clean and service all designated spaces to the best of our ability and to the highest standard possible.

Call today for your free estimate!